ABA Monitor

Cloud Based Solution For Monitoring Your Remote Employees

Use Aba Monitor to monitor your remote work from home Employees from a single software. Monitor and manage the time your employees spent on various tasks and apps. Ensure that they are productive and not wasting time. Get interesting insights about your employees productivity and task wise time spent backed by screenshots and application data.

Salient features

  1. Productivity Measurement
  2. Screenshots
  3. Browser History Tracking
  4. Top Applications Used / Opened
  5. Top Websites Used
  6. Hidden Mode
  7. User Logs
  8. Report Generation
  9. Cloud Storage


Products and Services

Web Applications

We Design and Develop Web Applications as client per requirements


We Develop Attractive Websites

Check-in Cloud

Our online cloud based Hotel and Restaurant Web Application

Medi Plus

Desktop Software for Nursing Homes, Diagnostic Center, Medicine Shops, OPD clinics.

School ERP

Complete online School ERP.

Payroll Management System

ABA PAY allows companies to generate accurate payroll & various challans easily and effortlessly.

Abatech Controls

Online software for managing electronic devices.

ABA Monitor

Cloud Based Solution For Monitoring Your Remote Employees.