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About Check-In

Check-In a Complete Hotel management system linked with A/c,
Check-In is the latest software designed to run under windows environment with VB.Net as front end and MS SQL Server as back end.
With Check-In you can carry out all the day to day activities of a modern Hotel,i.e.right from guest Check-In and registration to the final billing at the time out Check-out along with all the daily reports and MIS reports.
It is directly linked with a financial accounting system to take care of your accounting requirements.

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Salient features

- Easy to use - point and click with the mouse, no need to fumble with your keyboard for viewing informations.
- Very fast - no dizzy waiting.
- Network ready (multi-user based)- entry viewing and output of information through any terminal concurrently
- Privacy of information - option for restricting access of sensitive information ot multi level.
- Programmed automatic data backup/restoration system.
- All documents/reports/statements printable/viewable on screen.
- Scop of further modification/extension of the system.

  • Hotel On-Screen Query
  • Booking Forecast
  • Advance Booking
  • Registration
  • Money Receipt
  • Room Transfers
  • Other Charges Entry
  • Telephone Entry
  • Hotel Reservation system Application
  • Loundry
  • Guest Food / Room Service
  • Group-Room Check-out
  • Final Bill
  • Letter to Company
  • Guest Bill Adjustment
  • Business Center Bill
  • Cash/Petty Exenses at Reception
  • Room Service KOT cum Bill
  • Room Service KOT cum Bill(Cancelation)
  • Restaurant KOT Bill
  • Restaurant KOT cum Bill (Cancelation)
  • Counter sale Bill
  • Table Wise sale Bill
  • Issue of raw-material to kitchen
  • Food-Query
  • Restaurant Application of Abatech Solutions Pvt.Ltd
All Rooms of Restaurant is best in kolkata
  • F & B Query, F & B Group-wise Query
  • Row Materials Stock Req for future consumption
  • Cash/Petty Expenses at Restaurent/Bar
  • Prepaid Card Issue
  • Prepaid Card Query
  • Kitchen Screen
  • Production
  • Sales Order/Booking
House Keeping Application of Abatech Solutions Pvt.Ltd
  • Daily Room Cleening
  • Soild Cloth Received From Dept.
  • Fresh Cloth Issued to Dept.
  • Soild Cloth Received From Guest.
  • Soild Cloth Returned to Guest.
  • Laundry Issue Challan
  • Laundry Receipt Chalan
  • Laundry Bill
  • Complaint
  • Lost & Found Register
  • Staff Leave Application
  • Duty Roaster
  • Staff Attendance
  • Wine Purchase Challan
  • Wine Purchase Bill
  • Issue To Bar
  • Opening Stock at Store
  • Opening Stock at Bar
  • Liquor breakage / wastage at Store
  • Liquor breakage / wastage at Bar
  • Coupon Sales
Cheap bar application
Inventory Application of Abatech Solutions Pvt.Ltd
  • Purchase Order
  • Cash Purchase Entry
  • Credit Purchase Entry
  • Inter-Godown Transfer Requition
  • Inter Godown Stock Transfer
  • Breakage / Wastage
  • Purchase Return
  • Inventory Dashboard
  • My School My App
  • Check In Hotel & Restaurants
  • Android mobile app
  • Medi Plus - Diognostic & Medicine
  • Custom Tailor Made
  • Point of Sale
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer
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