We have Moved from the age
of PC to Mobile Device for accessing
web and application.

Even the most economically weaker
section of the society has
a smartphone.


We check our mail on the go
We always online with any scocial media
Like Facebook, Twetter etc through our smartphone
We do banking through phone
We pay Utility bill through phone
We make online purchase

Mobile Application


In the age of multi tasking scenario, we normaly don't have time to use PC every time

Who has the patience to switch-on the PC, Log in to the required website and wait for
sitting with a PCS

And all these have been made possible with a user friendly Mobile App.

Why not ?

Get a mobile app design to your Business Data / Reports right in your mobile

At any time of your preference

Without the help of any sub-ordinate

And without the tension of data-leakage

We at Abatech Solutions Pvt.Ltd, Kolkata having more than 15th
yers of experience with application software development,
can help you design one such

Mobile-APP, which will cater to your specific need based
on your business needs.

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