Director's Professional background

Mr. Raj Kumar Verma, has a long and extensive exposure and experience in the Computer Industry. He has been with the computer industry from the time of Pentium-1, the advent of the Personal Computers.

He is known for his in-depth knowledge in designing and programming and also for his early exposure to Windows programming and software exports.

He is known for his time-bound and costefficient customized solutions and marketing skills. For most of his time he had spearheaded and implemented varied types of projects under the umbrella of multiple software houses.

He has in-depth knowledge and experience at all levels which definitely help them in better understanding of the customer's requirements and offering better solutions in return.

For most of his carrierspan he has served under software consultancy houses who specialize in providing computer solutions to medium to large sized business houses engaged in various industries and hence have acquired vivid knowledge and skill in providing outstanding solutions to clients in diversified spheres of business.
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